Udaipur City India - Travel and Touring Guide.

Ways of Travelling to Udaipur - Flying there, using Indian Railways or perhaps by Car and Driver.

Flights to Udaipur in India.

Udaipur's airport is named Dabok Airport (but is also called/known as Maharana Pratap Airport) and is situated around 24 kilometres from the city's centre. The beautiful City of Udaipur, IndiaCurrently Udaipur airport is served daily with internal flights arriving from Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Jaipur - India's main domestic carriers (Jet Airways and Indian Airlines) all providing flights. Udaipur airport has been given International status so presumably the intention is to eventually operate flights in from outside of India - at the time of our visit to Udaipur the airport was enjoying some building work but this was quite unobtrusive. With still relatively low seat prices available on India's domestic airlines the speed and convenience of flying is one of the best and least inexpensive ways to create your tour of India itinerary - and a lot safer than travelling by overnight long distance buses on India's roads!. However an alternative method of travel is to hire a car and driver for one way drop offs. This is of course very convenient and the possibility exists to stop at various places to look at the countryside on the way - this way of travelling is not really too expensive and works well for journeys of maybe upto 400kms.

Udaipur and using Indian Railways.

Udaipur Railway Station is around 4 kilometres from Udaipur City Centre - direct trains link the city with various Indian Cities such as Jaipur, Delhi, Chittorgarh, Ajmer and Ahmedabad. Seats - especially anything remotely reasonable to sit in such as 2a's do tend to get booked up quite well in advance. The Railway code for Udaipur's Railway Station is UDZ. Please take a look at our General information about touring and travelling in India topic for more information on getting tickets on the Indian Railways site.

Buses too and from Udaipur.

Udaipur is situated as part of India's National Highway 8 and so bus services are quite fast and frequent to for example Jaipur, Delhi and Ahmedabad - and of course Chittorgarh.

Hotels and where to stay in Udaipur.

There are a huge amount of hotels available in Udaipur and around the City with a variation in prices to match. Heritage Hotels are quite good - and interesting - to stay at and at least their room rates fall into the "perhaps" category for most people - going around the 3500 to 5500 Rupee per night level. Much more realistic than for instance the possible 20000 to 50000+ Rupees asked for by the top end of the market. In most cases expect to pay quite a premium if you want a hotel room with a Udaipur Lake view. In addition - and from experience - do check out the room (and expected views) as well as that the room's facilities are not only present but do work before booking in. It's sadly the case with some Indian hotels that what you may have seen on the Web or in brochures is not necessarily what you may get.
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Udaipur Udaipur Udaipur  Lake Fateh Sagar, Udaipur, India.

Generally aout Udaipur City in India.

Udaipur seems to give a nice impression of space and the traffic around the city is not too bad at all compared with places like Jodphur and Varanasi. However the immediate area around Udaipur Palace which is in the old part of the city comprises of really narrow and bendy streets cluttered up with everything you can think of plus a bit more i.e.. touts, cows, auto-rickshaws, beggars, us tourists and bicycles. Probably the only annoying thing being the idiot taxi drivers who think it clever to race around with their car-horns blasting trying to panic people out of the way.
Getting around Udaipur is best achieved (apart from walking) by using an auto-rickshaw but do remember to settle your fare before getting into one and reject any tout who jumps in the front with the eternal Indian tout saying(s) of "I do not want any money" [HE DOES]/ "I just want to learn English"[NOPE] or "I am a student" [NOT] or similar lie. One little trick some of the auto-rickshaw drivers may also try is to say where you want to go too is outside the Udaipur City limits and there is a toll fee or similar to be payed - this is total rubbish.
The first photo below on the left is of Shepherd Memorial Church - i.e. an Anglican Church - it's design and architecture would not look out of place in an English Village. The huge feature about Udaipur are the City's two beautiful lakes and the amazing views and reflections particularly concerning Lake Pichola with the Jag Mandir and Jag Niwas sat in the middle - also along this lake there are many ghats, quite a few temples and lots of cows and birds.
Shepherd Memorial Church at Udaipur, India. Not very full of water - Lake Pichola at Udaipur, India Udaipur - Lake Pichola Beautiful buildings in the Old Part of Udaipur - India.
Udaipur restaurant beside Lake Pichola. Udaipur cart being pulled by oxen. Udaipur Palace building over looking the Lake.A half dry Lake Pichola at Udaipur, India.
Depending on when Udaipur is visited it may be that both of Udaipur's lakes can be somewhat depleted of water since this part of Rajasthan does suffer from drought especioally during the last few years and water levels go really low. Lake Fateh Sagar is located to the north of the city - unlike it's neighbour it is not that surrounded with ghats, buildings and hotels - it simply has an observatory sat in the middle. Fateh Sagar Lake is close to Sahelion - ki - Bari gardens so a nice idea around mid-afternoon might be to take a tuk tuk to the gardens, have a wander around then walk over to the lake and meander back into the city along the lake's wide pavement.
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