Udaipur City Palace and Jagdish Temple in India.

Visiting the beautiful Udaipur City Palace which is situated in the centre of Udaipur in India.

This huge Indian palace is sat amongst the ghats and buildings in the old part of Udaipur and overlooks Lake Pichola - one of the best views of Udaipur City Palace and for excellent photos go to the other side of the Lake. Udaipur Palace is open daily 09:30 to 16:30 - there are a variety of entrance tickets available depending on how much of the Palace and it's various museums you want to visit. Also note there is a camera fee of a massive and ridiculous 200 Rupees (just for non-Indians of course).
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Udaipur Palace Tripola Gate which is the entrance to Udaipur Palace, Udaipur, India. Udaipur Palace Udaipur Palace
Udaipur Palace Rajya Angan Chowk at Udaipur Palace, India. Udaipur Palace Udaipur Palace
Udaipur Palace Udaipur Palace Rajput Face, Udaipur Palace Udaipur Palace
Udaipur City Palace is the largest palace in Rajasthan and the various palaces within it are the evolving creations of numerous Maharanas - starting with Udai Singh around 1568. Entry is via a triple arched gate - Tripolia Gate (which was built in 1725) - you then enter the huge Rajya Angan Chowk and get tremendous views of the various palace buildings built alongside the courtyard.
Udaipur Palace Beautifully decorated rooms to see at Udaipur Palace Udaipur Palace, India Kanch Burj, Udaipur Palace, Udaipur, India.
Udaipur Palace Udaipur Palace Udaipur Palace  Lake Pichola reflecting Udaipur Palace - India

Jagdish temple at Udaipur, India.

Visiting Jagdish Temple in the centre of Udaipur City, India.

Dedicated to Lord Jagannath, Jagdish Temple (Jagdish-ji) is a quite large tall Hindu temple situated near to the entrance to Udaipur City Palace. The Temple was constructed during the middle of the 17th century by Maharana Jagat Singh 1st. This a working temple (so you have to leave your footwear before going right into the temple of course) and therefore there is no entrance fee - however you will certainly be approached by beggars for money. There is a large sign asking tourists and visitors to the Temple not to give any money to these beggars since they are provided for by the Jagdish Temple - however the temple authorities do appreciate receiving a donation in their own donation's box inside.
Jagdish temple next to the Palace at Udaipur, India. Jagdish temple - Udaipur Jagdish temple elephant - Udaipur, India. Jagdish temple statue - Udaipur, India.
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