Rani Ni Vav in India - looking around the beautiful Rani Ki Vav step well - with photos.

Rani Ni step well carving - Gujarat, India.

Going to see Rani ki Vav Stepwell at Patan, North Gujarat, India.

Rani ki Vav is a really excellent step well which is a must place to visit for anyone staying anywhere near Ahmedabad. This Indian stepwell has many really beautiful carvings which are equally as impressive as those found adorning the beautiful Jain Temples at Khajuraho.
Getting to Rani Ki Vav step well can easily be done on a day trip from Ahmedabad by hiring a car and driver. This can therefore include a visit to the beautiful Modhera Sun Temple which is on the way and around 35kms south of the step well. (If you have only one day available then you could even include visiting Adalaj step well on the same albeit long daytrip).
Generally speaking hiring a car and driver in Ahmedabad is not too expensive - usually the charge is per kilometre and there is a minimum charge of 250kms and you will probably have to pay any parking charges and road tolls - plus a tip for the driver. The round journey to both locations is around 300kms at around 12 or so Rupees per km. Incidentally try not to book a car and driver directly from your hotel as they will have to add on a fee plus the whole amount will be subejct to various taxes. Most hotel desk staff will give you a phone number of their local hire company and you can sort out the price yourself (for cash of course) - which is way cheaper. Or just ask one of the auto drivers if they know anyone - they will!.
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Very well carved features at Rani Ki Vav step well, Gujarat, India.
Some of the many tiers of galleries at Rani Ni Vav - India.
The carving starts right at the top of the Rani Ni Vav well in India.
Looking down at part of Rani Ni Vav well in India.
Rani Ki Vav Stepwel,India - view looking into it.
Rani Ki Vav Step well galleries
Rani Ki Vav Step well sculptures (India)
Beautiful Rani Ki Vav Step well carvings
One of the many sculptures lining the well sides at Rani Ni Vav step well in India.
Rani Ki Vav step well is situated around 2kms northwest of Patan at Anahilwada Patan (which was the old capital of Gujarat until 1411 when Ahmed Shah move everything to Ahmedabad). The entrance fee is 100 Rupees for non-Indians and it's open daily. There are toilet facilities available and the whole area is situated within quite large gardens which are well used for picnics - this step well is best visited during weekdays since it get really busy during weekends and public holidays.
Rani Ki Vav step well sculptures (India)
Rani Ki Vav Step well gallery sculptures
Rani Ki Vav Step well sculptures of animals
Rani Ki Vav Step well, Gujarat, India

About the history and features of Rani Ki Vav Stepwell, India.

Rani Ki Vav step well was constructed towards the end of the 11th Century A.D. by Queen Udayamati of the Solanki Dynasty of Anahilwada Patan. This beautiful Indian Vav (step well) is 27 metres deep, 20 metres wide and around 64 metres in length and was built orientated east-west with the actual well located in the west. Probably one of the largest and most decorated of India's step wells it has multi-storey pavillions held up by pillars - in all there are seven stories. All the way down there are excellently carved sculptures within Rani Ki Vav with many of the female figures depicted in a variety of poses of Apsaras, Nakakanyas and Yokinis.
Carved galleries all the way down Rani Ki Vav Step well (India)
Rani Ki Vav Step well column sculptures
Rani Ki Vav gallery with it's sculptured support columns
Rani Ki Vav Step well - the galleries are laced with sculptures
Rani Ki Vav Step well with sculptures the whole way down
Rani Ki Vav Step well (India)
Rani Ki Vav Step well - lace like carvings
Rani Ki Vav Step well somewhat explicit carvings (India)
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