Ranakpur Jain Temples in India.

Ranakpur India - Adinath Temple.

Visiting Adinath Temple and the Sun Temple at Ranakpur Jain Temple Complex in Rajasthan, India.

Situated within a beautiful valley in the Aravalli Hills around 90 kilometres to the northwest of Udaipur, Ranakpur is the site of a 15th century Jain Temple complex. Surrounded by small gardens Ranakpur Jain Temple complex is open from 12:00 to 17:00 daily and entrance is free however if you wish to use a camera then there is a 50 rupee charge.

The main temple which dominates the site is the beautiful marble Adinath Temple and opposite this there is an even older Surya Sun Temple. Adinath Temple is huge and actually difficult to photograph in it's entirely unless you get quite a long way from it. The remaining pictures below are of smaller Jain Temples which are located within the fairly small but pleasant grounds and gardens surrounding the various Jain Temples at Ranakpur.
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Distant view of Adinath Temple at Ranakpur, India
Adinath Temple outer carvings, Ranakpur, India
Adinath Jain Temple (Ranakpur, India)
A Jain Temple at Ranakpur in India.
Adinath Temple is one of the most important Jain Temples in India and was constructed between 1439AD and 1458AD on land donated by Rana Kumbha. Adinath Temple is constructed upon a large platform (pedestal) and is made up of domes and towers, courtyards and small cells each of which has a pyramid shaped roof.
Adinath Temple Bell at Ranakpur, India
Adinath Temple beautifully carved Ceiling, Ranakpur, India
Adinath Temple carved columns, Ranakpur, India.
Adinath Temple elephant, Ranakpur, India.
The central temple is called Chaumukha Mandir and is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar Lord Adinath. The Temple has three storeys, 29 halls, 80 domes and is held up on 1440 marble pillars - each pillar is uniquely and beautifully carved. There are additionally four smaller shrines with 80 spires which are held up by 420 columns. A Tirthankar is a teacher who has defeated all anger, ego, deception, and greed and teaches spiritual guidance, liberation and enlightenment to others by destroying all of their soul constraining karmas. Lord Adinatha is also known as Bhagavan Rishabhdev and is referred too as the founder of Jainism.
The huge and impressive Adinath Temple - Ranakpur, India
Inside Adinath Temple at Ranakpur, India
Marble elephant at Adinath Temple, Ranakpur, India.
Adinath Temple Pillars - each pillar has different carving on it, Ranakpur, India.
Adinath Temple small balcony - Ranakpur in India
Adinath Temple carved Ceiling, Ranakpur.
Adinath Temple uniquely carved pillars (Ranakpur India)
Adinath Temple elephant statue, Ranakpur, India.
Rankpur temples set in small pleasant grounds.
Ranakpur old Temples dotted about in the gardens
Adinath Temple Gardens at Ranakpur.
Adinath Sun Temple, Ranakpur, India

Combining a day trip to Ranakpur and to Kumbhalgarh Fort on a day trip from Udaipur.

Using a car and driver hired from Udaipur then both places can be visited on a longish day trip. Due to opening times it's best to go to Kumbhalgarh Fort first and plan on visiting Ranakpur aiming to get there in the early afternoon as Ranakpur usually only opens from midday.
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