Visiting the Qutb Shahi Tombs at Hyderabad in India.

These magnificent old tombs are situated around 1km from Golconda Fort and therefore around 10kms from the Old City Hyderabad - therefore easily reached by auto-rickshaw.
Qutb Shahi Tombs Complex is closed on Fridays and there is just a small entrance fee of around 20 Rupees for everybody. This complex contains the tombs of seven of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty rulers plus other members of the Royal Family and other important and favoured members of the royal household. The tombs are set in beautifully maintained gardens and there are also mosques, pavillions and water features. The onion-domed tombs are built from grey granite show signs of Persian, Turkish and Hindu architecture and would once have been decorated in torquoise and greens.
Two of the most impressive tombs are those of Mohammed Qutb Shah who was the founder of Hyderabad City and that of his wife Hayat Baksh Begum. The Queen's tomb also has a small mosque in front of it and the beautifully carved Great Mosque is to it's side.
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Quli Qutb Shah I tomb, Hyderabad, India
Quli Qutb
Shah I tomb
Jamshid Quli Qutb Shah II tomb, Hyderabad, India
Jamshid Quli Qutb
Shah II tomb
Ibrahim Qutb Shah IV tomb, Hyderabad, India
Ibrahim Qutb
Shah IV tomb
Mohammed Qutb Sha V tomb, Hyderabad, India
Mohammed Qutb
Shah V tomb
Mohammed Qutb Shah VI tomb, Hyderabad, India
Mohammed Qutb
Shah VI tomb
Abdullah Qutb Shah VII tomb, Hyderabad, India
Abdullah Qutb
Shah VII tomb
Mirza Nizammuddin Ahmed Tomb, Hyderabad, India
Mirza Nizammuddin
Ahmed Tomb
Hayat Baksh Begum Tomb, Hyderabad, India
Hayat Baksh Begum

The tomb of Abdullah Qutb Shah VII.

This tomb is easily the largest structure within the complex and sits on a platform measuring 237 square feet. The tomb has an arcaded verandah which is decorated with small minarets and there are traces of tiles on the south west minar. The Unfinished Tomb is known as the mausoleium of Abul Hasan Tana Shah however inscriptions on the sarcophagus of the tomb mentions the name of Mirza Izamuddin Ahmed who died in 1674. Mirza Izamuddin Ahmed was the eldest son-in-law of Abdullah Qutb Shah. 
Hayat Baksh Begum's tomb is very impressive - she was Mohammed Quli Qutb's daughter and the mother of Abdullah Qutb Shah.
Hayat Baksh Begum Mosque, Hyderabad, India
Hayat Baksh Begum Mosque
The Great Mosque, Hyderabad, India
The Great Mosque
The Great Mosque, Hyderabad, India
The Great Mosque
Pen Mati and Tara Mati Tombs, Hyderabad, India
Pen Mati and Tara Mati Tombs

The Great Mosque at Qutb Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad.

The Great Mosque was constructed by Hayat Baksh Begum in 1666 during the reign of Abdullah Qutb Shah. The Prayer Hall is 76 feet wide and has three bays which are 51 feet deep. The front has a five arched facade which is flanked by two tall beautifully carved minarets.
An example of the regard the Shahi Dynasty had for members of the Royal Court can be shown by the existance of tombs in the complex. The nicely decorated Twin Domes of Hakims (below) are the tombs of the Royal Physicians to Abdullah Qutb Shah. Also within the complex are the tombs of Pem Mati who was the favourite dancer of Abdullah Qutb Shah and of Tara Mati who was his favourite singer at court.
Fatima Sultana Mosque, Hyderabad, India
Fatima Sultana Mosque
Tomb of Fatima Sultana, Hyderabad, India
Tomb of Fatima Sultana
The Twin Domes of Hakims, Hyderabad, India
Twin Domes of Hakims
The Commanders Tomb, Hyderabad, India
Commanders Tomb
Mortuary Bath, Qutb Tombs, Hyderabad, IndiaRitual Shahi Mortuary Bath, Qutb Tombs, Hyderabad, IndiaThe tomb of Mohammed son of Qutbuddin Ahmed who died in 1612 commonly known as the Commanders Tomb. He was the the fourth son of Sultan Quli I and was blinded by his brother Jamshid Qutb Shah II after his accession to ruler.
The Mortuary Bath was built by Sultan Quli I during the construction of his own tomb and designed for performing ritual bathing of the Royal dead. Considered to be one of the best examples of contemporary Persian and Turkish baths, it had an elaborate hot and cold water system which weas supplied by cisterns.
Containing 12 baths which symbolises the 12 Shia Imans the faceted shrouding platform is decorated with black basalt.

Qutb tombs area Mosque, Hyderabad, India
Qutb tombs area Mosque
Badi Bowli (Big Well), Hyderabad, India
Badi Bowli
Qutb tombs area, Hyderabad, India
Qutb tombs area
Kulsum Beguns Tomb, Hyderabad, India
Kulsum Beguns

The Badi Bowli (or Big Well) at Qutb Shahi Tombs.

This is a huge 100 feet deep square shaped tank which is situated to the left as you go into the tombs complex. The well has a sloping platform to assist bullocks when drawing out the water and also has several stone pillars over which grapevines were trained to provide a cover. There are steps all round the well which lead down some 30 feet to a corridor. From there more steps go down to what was a bathing area. Additional water supply was provided to the well by a series of open channels out in the gardens.
The general area containg the Qutb Tombs at Hyderabad, India
Qutb tombs area
Qutb tombs area, Hyderabad, India
Qutb tombs area
Masjid Abdul Qutub Shah Mosque, Hyderabad, India
Abdul Qutub Shah
The Abdul Qutub Shah Mosque at Hyderabad in India
Abdul Qutub Shah
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