Visiting Pushkar in India.

About going to Pushkar, Rajasthan, India - what to see and do there.

Pushkar is a fairly small Indian town located more or less in the centre of the State of Rajasthan. The town is known for two particular reasons namely it's annual 5 day Camel Fair which occurs in October or November and because Pushkar has a series of 52 picturesque Ghats which encircle the sacred Pushkar Lake. Although it's not known when it was founded the town is certainly one of the oldest in India with legend associating Lord Brahma as responsible for it's existence.
There are several temples at Pushkar one of which is the 14th Century Brahma Temple and another which is a beautifully carved building is the Ranji Temple - many of the temples were destroyed during fighting with Muslims man years ago and had to be re-built. The town is extremely busy whilst the fairs are running but otherwise is pretty quiet - it is interesting to wander round the narrow streets looking at the old, often quite dilapidated buildings whilst trying to avoid the free-ranging cattle and noisy monkeys.

Hotel in Pushkar - Pushkar, India.Pushkar Rickshawr, India.

Ways of travelling too and fro from Pushkar in India - flying, by rail and by road.

Pushkar does not have it's own airport - the nearest is at Jaipur which is around 145kms away to the north-west. The main road between Pushkar and Jaipur is in good condition (NH8) and the journey should take around 2 to 3 hours by car or bus - there is a fast frequent bus service on the route. Pushkar can be reached on Indian Railways - it is on a branch line from Ajmer however there are only a few trains and since Ajmer is only about 11kms away a better choice might be taxi or bus from there into Pushkar.

A series of photos from around Pushkar - streets, temples and buildings including the Ranji Temple.

The town is not too large and not that busy with traffic and therefore quite enjoyable for a wander around. One place to certainly go and look at is Ranji Temple and it's beautifully barreled roof resplendent with many carvings.
decorated Pushkar building - Pushkar, India.
decorated Pushkar building
Gurdwara Singh Sabha Sikh Temple at Pushkar, India.
Gurdwara Singh Sabha
House in Pushkar - Pushkar, India.
House in Pushkar
An old Pushkar building - India.
Old Pushkar building
Pushkar fastfood - street food, India.
Pushkar fast-food
Pushkar Hotel, India.
Pushkar Hotel
Pushkar Hotel beside the Lake, India.
Pushkar Hotel
Part of Pushkar's Mosque - India.
Pushkar Mosque

Accommodation and places to stay in Pushkar, India.

There are loads of small sort of guest houses in and near the town, often those in the town itself are pretty scruffy looking affairs with limited facilities - however apart from when events such as the Camel Fair are on these are pretty cheap to stay in. Room rates seem to go from around UKstg8 per night through to hotels not in the centre of town which can be maybe UKstg 50 to 60 and somewhat more per night. There are a couple of bakeries in the town and a variety of shops and stalls many of which sell religious sort of items - also a few cafes are around. Generally if not eating at your own accommodation then to find somewhere safe to eat it's perhaps best to look at trying one of the better hotels.
A very old Mosque at Pushkar, India.
Pushkar Mosque
Pushkar road - Pushkar, India.
Pushkar road
Pushkar Street, India.
Pushkar Street
Cow waiting at a takeaway in Pushkar, India.
Pushkar takeaway
A typical Pushkar Street with cows and pigs everywhere.
Pushkar Street
Ranji Temple at Pushkar, India.
Ranji Temple
Ranji Temple and its beautiful roof - Pushkar, India.
Ranji Temple roof
Ranji Temple carvings - Pushkar, India.
Ranji Temple carvings
Different view of Ranji Temple in Pushkar.
Ranji Temple
Interesting Ranji Temple carvings - Pushkar, India.
Ranji Temple carvings
Ranji Temple carvings - Pushkar, India.
Ranji Temple carvings
A scruffy looking Pushkar building.
scruffy Pushkar building
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