Pushkar Lake in India.

Wandering around Pushkar Lake and looking at the Ghats and Temples.

Pushkar Ghats cattle grazing by the Lake - Pushkar, India. Pushkar Lake has enormous religious significance for Hindus - in Indian mythology failing to worship at the lake means salvation may not be attainable. Legend has it that the lake was created when a lotus flower dropped from Lord Braham's hand therefore the lake became consecrated to him.
Pushkar Lake is therefore itself a religious area and this means that when you visit to walk round the ghats you must not have anything on your feet. This can be something of a problem during the heat of the day since their is little to no shade on the multitude of steps - also their are loads of pigeons, monkeys and so on around so the surfaces are not too clean. Incidentally beware of the monkeys - if you sit on the steps keep belongings tightly held or they are likely to be stolen - also monkeys can be somewhat aggressive at times especially if they have young with them.
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Balinda Ghat - Pushkar, India.
Balinda Ghat
The often busy Brahma Ghat - Pushkar, India.
Brahma Ghat
Chir Ghat - Pushkar, India.
Chir Ghat
Gwalior Ghat - Pushkar, India.
Gwalior Ghat
Indra and Gwalior Ghats - Pushkar, India.
Indra and Gwalior Ghats
Jagnnath Ghat - Pushkar, India.
Jagnnath Ghat
Jaipur Ghat - Pushkar Lake, India.
Jaipur Ghat
Janana Ghat - Pushkar, India.
Janana Ghat
Jodhpur Ghat - Pushkar, India.
Jodhpur Ghat
Kota Ghat - Pushkar, India.
Kota Ghat
Varaha Ghat Pushkar - Pushkar, India.
Varaha Ghat Pushkar
worn Pushkar ghat - Pushkar, India.
worn Pushkar ghat
Often their are small groups of people with a priest performing religious acts beside the water - so respect for such should be maintained as you would in any Hindu Temple. Whilst walking round the ghats you may well be approached priests who want to bless you and so on - which will ultimately result in you having to hand money over too. There is no charge or admission fee to the ghats and no requirement to pay anything out unless you want to do so.
Beautiful Buildings and Ghats - Pushkar, India.
Pushkar Lake Ghats
Several of the many Ghats alongside Pushkar Lake in India.
Pushkar Ghats
Pushkar Ghats - Pushkar, India.
Pushkar Ghats
Pushkar Lake Ghats - Pushkar, India.
Pushkar Lake Ghats
Ghats lining Pushkar Lake - Pushkar, India.
Pushkar Lake
Pushkar Lake in India.
Pushkar Lake
Pushkar Lake Ghats - Pushkar, India.
Pushkar Lake Ghats
Pushkar Lake Chhatri at Pushkar in India.
Pushkar Lake Chhatri
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