Jagannatha Puri India - visitor and touring guide and photos.

How to get to Jagannatha Puri, India.

The nearest commercial airport to Puri is at Bhubaneshwar and fortunately that city is a very interesting place to stay in plus there is lots to see too. From Bhubaneshwar to Puri the drive is around 76kms partly using the SH13. If you want to visit Konark Sun Temple before returning to Bhubaneshwar then the route back goes along the coast via the NH203 and then probably up the SH60 and SH13 - so around 97kms back.

Indian Railways - Bhubaneswar to Puri.

There are around a dozen trains plying the route from Bhubaneswar (station code BBS) to Puri every day - starting off at a somewhat early 0235 and continuing on through to 18:35. A reasonable choice might be the 07:35 Durg Puri Express train number 18426 which gets into Puri at 09:35. From Puri back to Bhubaneswar once again there are plenty of trains - for example the Puri SBP Express no.18304 leaves Puri at 15:25 and the Puri Durg Express no.18425 leaves Puri at 17:15. Using the railways is an inexpensive way on a day trip from Bhubaneshwar to visit Puri and also have plenty of time to take the 35km trip out to see Konark Sun Temple.
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Bay of Bengal empty beach east side of Puri, India.
Bay of Bengal beach
Cow and calf relaxing in the middle of Puri High Street, India.
Cow and calf relaxing
Puri India - market stalls and buildings.
Puri market stalls
An interesting building along Puri High Street, India.
Puri High Street

About Puri, Odisha (Odissa), Eastern India and what to see there.

Located alongside the Bay of Bengal on the eastern side of India, the small town of Puri is popular as one of India's beach resorts. The main beach in the town looks quite picturesque but beware of rip-tides and strong currents if swimming from it. Also it should be noted that there is a significant sewerage outlet into the sea along the beachfront in the town. From the town's eastern edge fairly wide sandy beaches stretch along the coast and are tree-lined, reasonably clean and very quiet. Be warned though that the tides and currents are pretty violent along this stretch of the Bay.
Puri autos (rickshaws) - India.
Puri autorickshaws
Very colourful Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math Temple at Puri, India.
Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya
The very wide and busy high street at Puri, India.
Wide Puri street
A calf happily ignoring all the bustle at Puri, India.
Puri Calf

Jagannath Hindu Temple.

At one end of Puri's high street there is situated an extremely important HIndu temple complex called Jagannath Temple. Motorized vehicles are not permitted to go down the second half of the fairly long high street so the choice is to walk or you can hire a rickshaw. The high street is quite interesting and very colourfull to wander along though - lots of shops, market stalls, loads of people and many cattle to be seen. The temple dates back to the 11th century and would probably be extremely interesting to look round. "Probably" because access to the temple is forbidden unless you are orthodox Hindu and of Indian origin. For non-Hindu visitors to Puri the only way to get just a glimpse of Jaganarth Temple is to agree to pay a potentially silly amount of rupees to climb up to the roof of the adjacent library from where you can just about see the tops of three buildings.

Visiting Narendra Tank, Markanda Tank and Shree Shree Markandeswar Temple in Puri, India.

There are several interesting Tanks (Holy Lakes) which can be easily visited whilst in Puri both of which are associated with important Shiva Temples and therefore festivals concerning Lord Jagannath.
Narenera Sagar ghat - Puri, India.
Narenera Sagar ghat
Chandana Mandapa (temple) in the middle of Narendra Tank, Puri, India.
Chandana Mandapa
Shree Shree Markandeswar Temple, Puri, India.
Markandeswar Temple
Smaller temple next to Markandeswar Temple in Puri, India.
Small Temple

Narendra Tank (Chandan Talab) at Puri

is the largest of these and situated alongside Grand Road around 2kms from Jagannath Temple - this is where the 42 day long Chandan Festival of Jagannath (April/May) is held. The tank is quite picturesque with ghats running round it's sides as well as several temples and sat within the tank is the small pink coloured Chandapa Mandapa temple.

Markandeswar Shiva Temple and Tank at Puri

are located close to the Puri-Brahmagiri Road around 4kms southwest from Jagannath Temple. The temple is one of the five Pancha Tirthas in Puri Dham (pilgrimage places in India that are highly revered by many Hindus). Surrounded by trees and very interesting ghats the area is again quite picturesque and it is said that Lord Vishnu used to rest beside the tank whilst in the form of a tree.
Markanda Tank - Puri, India.
Markanda Tank
Part of the ghats which line Markanda Tank, Puri in India.
Markanda Ghats
Statue of a Bull at Markandeswar Temple, Puri, India.
Markandeswar Temple Bull
Small picturesque pond just outside of Puri, India.
Pond outside Puri
The last photo above was taken on the way out of Puri on the NH203 going towards Bhubaneshwar - all along the road there are some very picturesque countryside bits and pieces to look at including many fairly small scenic ponds.
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