Osian Temples in India - Tour Guides for Osian with Photos.

A Small Thar Desert Village near Osian in India.

Ways of travelling to see the Osian Temples.

Located out in the Thar Desert at just over 60 kilometres northwest of Jodhpur, Osian is the location of several Brahman and Jain Temples and is a particularly important Jain pilgrimage centre for the Oswal Jain community.
If staying at Jodhpur then the simplest way to visit Osian is by hiring a car and driver for the day. However it's worth noting that if you are eventually continuing an India tour by travelling on from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer by car it is easily possible to visit these beautiful Osian temples on the way by taking the appropriate route clearly shown on maps (National Highway 11). There are also buses leaving from Roadways Bus Stop, NH 65, Jai Narain Vyas University which is close to Bhagat Ki Kothi railway station in Jodhpur. These buses go out to Osian with the trip taking around 90 minutes.
Osian Town is dominated by the 12th Century Sachiya Mata Temple - there is no charge to enter the temple area although donations are of course appreciated. As is usual when visiting active temples you have to leave your shoes off at the bottom of the steps and be suitably dressed.
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Osian village seen from the temple roof. Sachiya Mata Temple ceiling Sachiya Mata Temple roof Sachiya Mata Temple at Osian, India.
Sachiya Mata Temple inside view Sachiya Mata Temple rooftop Sachiya Mata Temple - Osian, India Mahavira Jain Temple carvings, India.
Note that there are many steps up to the actual temple and it's quite a steep climb. The main temple area is really enclosed and can be a little difficult to actually look round not least because parts are fenced off or have iron grills. This also means that taking photos of the actual building structure is somewhat problematic. However the outer area not only has really good views of the surrounding village buildings and desert but also has quite a few smaller shrines and temples.
Mahavira Jain Temple inside view Mahavira Jain Temple courtyard Mahavira Jain Temple at Osian in India Mahavira Jain Temple building
Just a few minutes walk from Sachiya Mata Temple can be found the Mahavira Jain Temple - this has a small entrance charge and camera fee.This temple was constructed by Gurjara Pratihara King Vatsaraja in 783 A.D. and is an important tirtha (place of pilgramage) for Jains. It's very much worthwhile finding and visiting this temple as it has some excellent carvings and really should not be missed out during the trip to Osian.

Old temple at Osian, India Shrines at Osian An old temple at Osian in India. Temple amongst the bushes at Osian
The final and in a way because of their age most interesting series of temples to visit are located on the Southern edge of Osian just by the car park area and opposite the bus stop. These nine Vishnu and Hari Hara Temples are scattered amongst the scrubland and dunes - you do have to walk out several 100 metres or so through the scrub and sand to find them however these are extremely old temples dating back to the 8th and 9th century and certainly worth the effort.
Osian temple building Small Osian temple Temple on the outskirts of Osian Village in India Beautiful old temple just outside Osian, India.
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