Modhera Sun Temple, India - Touring Guide with Photos.

How to get too Modhera Sun Temple in India.

If staying at Ahmedabad a drive out to the Sun Temple can easily be joined up with visiting the fairly nearbye and beautiful Rani Ki Vav step well - which is around 35kms further north. To reach Modhera Sun Temple from Udaipur the distance is around 270kms by road much of it on the NH8.
Exactly laid out in an east west direction Modhera Sun Temple is easily the best example of Solanki Temple architecture in Gujarat. The Solanki Dynasty (974-1238) were almost certainly influenced by the Jain concepts which shows clearly in the temple's design and the intricacy of the beautiful sometimes fairly explicit sculptures and carvings.Modhera Sun Temple was constructed by King Bhima I in 1026 A.D. in honour of the sun god Surya and is approxmatimely 119 kilometres north west of Ahmedabad - it's open daily and has an entrance fee of 100 Rupees for non-Indians. The area is set within well kept gardens and is an extremely popular area for visiting especially on weekends and holidays.
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Modhera Sun Temple Kund or Tank - Gujurat, IndiaModhera Sun Temple Tank
Modhera Sun Temple Kund and it's many steps (India)Modhera Sun Temple Kund
Modhera Sun Temple Tank Shrines, Gujarat, India.Kund Shrines
Modhera Sun Temple and Kund, Gujarat, India.Temple and Kund

Modhera Sun Temple and The Surya Kund.

This is located In front of the Temple and is a large water tank which has 100s of steps leading down it's sides with 108 miniature shrines topped with carved Shikharas amongst the steps - all of which create a beautiful mirror effect. Before going to the temple to worship the Sun God devotees performed ceremonial ablutions in the once pure water. They would then take the steps leading from the tank up through the Torana to the Temple's entrance and assembly hall (Sabha Mandap). The Torana was once an arched gateway however all that remains today are two carved columns.
Modhera Sun Temple kund sculpture, Gujarat, India.Kund sculpture
Modhera Sun Temple kund rather weathered sculptureSculpture on the Kund
Modhera Sun Temple Entrance Hall, Gujarat, India.Temple Entrance Hall
Modhera Sun Temple Assembly Hall, Gujarat, India.Temple Assembly Hall
Supported by 52 beautifully and intricately carved pillars which denote the 52 weeks in a year the Sabha Mandap is open from all sides. The carvings show various episodes about the life and times of Lord Krishna.
Modhera Sun Temple Assembly Hall sculptures, Gujarat, India.Assembly Hall sculptures
Modhera Sun Temple and it's beautifully carved ceiling, Gujarat, India.Ceiling carvings
Modhera Sun Temple sculptures, Modhera, Gujarat, India.More Temple sculptures
Modhera Sun Temple beautiful sculptures, Gujarat, India.Sun Temple sculptures
Modhera Sun Temple sculptures, Gujarat, India.Temple sculptures
Modhera Sun Temple has carvings all round the outside (India)Sun Temple sculptures
Modhera Sun Temple sculptured pillars, Gujarat, India.Wn Temple pillars
Modhera Sun Temple Torana, Gujarat, India.Sun Temple Torana.

Balaji Temple, outside of Ahmedabad, India.

The modern Sri Balaji Temple which is just outside of Ahmedabad

This temple can be easily stopped off at for a quick look while on the way too or back from Modhera Sun Temple and Rani Ki Vav step well. The temple is located at the northern edge of Ahmedabad along the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway opposite Nirma University.
The Temple is devoted to Lord Balaji (also known as Lord Venkateswara) who was considered to be another form of Lord Vishnu. Although a new temple there are some really well designed carvings and sculptures on the outside as well as two quite large statues either side of the entrance.
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