Kumbhalgarh Fort and Badal Mahal Palace.

Generally about Kumbhalgarh Fort and Badal Mahal Palace in India.

Situated in the Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan, India's Kumbhalgarh Fort is located around 60 Kilometres north of Udaipur. The Fort is open daily and has an entrance fee of around 100 Rupees for non-Indians. Situated around 1000 metres above sea-level the Kumbhalgarh Fort dates from the 15th Century and was built by Maharana Kumbha (who was also responsible for building the great fort at Chittorgarh). Entrance to the palace itself involves a bit of a climb from the Fort's car-park - you have to go through various gates (Pols) on the way however once up there are great views of the surrounding countryside as well as various temples dotted around in the valley - enclosed within the Fort's 36 kilometres of wall there are several hundred mostly very old Hindu and Jain Temples.
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Badal Mahal Palace, Kumbhalgarh, India.
Kheda Deveri Temple at Kumbhalgarh Fort.
Kumbhalgarh Fort Walls.
Kumbhalgarh Fort temples.
The Badal Mahal at Kumbhalgarh Fort in India.
Kumbhalgarh Fort battlements.
Various buildings at Kumbhalgarh Fort in India.
Chaugan Pol (gate), Kumbhalgarh Fort.
The ramparts are extremely wide in places with the front walls of the fort some 15 feet across - and therefore could accommodate six horsemen riding abreast. Virtually impregnable Kumbhalgarh Fort was only taken once in it's long history - and this only because of lack of water. The fortified walls really do make quite a site as they follow the contours of the various small hills in the area. The ramparts have been re-furbished and it is apparently possible to walk around them though this would be some walk. Situated within and at the highest point of the Fort there is the Badal Mahal Palace (The Palace of Cloud) which datges from the 19th century. Badal Mahal is situated at the highest point of the fort and was protected by three more Pols.
Kumbhalgarh Fort sat astride it's hill.
An internal Pol at Kumbhalgarh Fort, India
Jain Temples situated within Kumbhalgarh Fort.
Niomboo Pol at Kumbhalgarh Fort.
Various temples at Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan, India.
Kumbhalgarh Fort temple.
Temples everywhere at Kumbhalgarh Fort
Great views from up at Kumbhalgarh Fort
Kumbhalgarh Fort watch tower.
Yagya Mandir, Kumbhalgarh Fort
Kumbhalgarh Fort with Badal Mahal up high.
Huge walls and battlements at Kumbhalgarh Fort, India.
Bhairav Pol at Kumbhalgarh Fort in India.
Wide defensive walls at Kumbhalgarh Fort.
Ram Pol, Kumbhalgarh Fort, India.
Part of the walls encircling Kumbhalgarh Fort in India.
Buildings and temples at Kumbhalgarh Fort
Nilkanth Mahadev Temple, Kumbhalgarh Fort
Nirandhara Jain Temple, Kumbhalgarh Fort
Nirandhara Jain Temple - Kumbhalgarh Fort.
Apart from visiting the palace there are as mentioned a lot of temples at the Fort and several of these Jain and Hindu temples are reasonably close by so well worth wandering around. Additionally you can also stretch your legs and enjoy a meander along part of the ramparts as you do this - and perhaps spot several recently built and bright white temples in the valley below.
Kumbhalgarh Fort - more temples.
Looking up to the main section of Kumbhalgarh Fort.
Yagya Mandir Jain Temples - Kumbhalgarh Fort.
Yagya Mandir at Kumbhalgarh Fort, India.
Kumbhalgarh Fort and the beautiful Yagya Mandir Temple - India.
Smaller Jain temples at Kumbhalgarh Fort.
Yagya Mandir at Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan, India.

Generally about visiting Kumbhalgarh Fort and Badal Mahal Palace (plus Ranakpur Jain Temples) on a single daytrip from Udaipur.

Kumbhalarh Fort is easily visited on an albeit long trip out from Udaipur if you hire a car and driver for the day. Because of their respective opening times it is necessary to visit Kumbhalgarh Fort first and allow around 2 hours to wander around and only then perhaps plan on visiting Ranakpur with the aim of getting there in the early afternoon. This is because the Jain Temple site at Ranakpur only opens from midday. One benefit of making this type of trip by car is that the drive through the Indian hills and countryside is really interesting with several villages and some excellent scenery to enjoy and you get to see lots of forts and temples during the trip.
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