The Western Group of Jain Temples at Khajuraho India.

These Temples which are known as the Western Group are actually located in two different parts of Khajuraho.

The Main Western Group of Jain Temples entrance is located at the top end of the town so easy to walk along too. These fantastic temples are situated in really beautiful grounds which have lots of grassy areas, flowers, trees and shrubs. The temple site is open daily and has an admission charge of 250 Rupees for non-Indians. Within the grounds there is a fairly small cafe where you can get cold drinks and simple snacks such as crisps.
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Lakshmana Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Lakshmana Temple
Both Lakshmana and Matangesvara Temples - Khajuraho, India.
Lakshmana and Matangesvara Temples
some of Khajuraho India's Jain Temples
some of Khajuraho's
Jain Temples
Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, Khajuraho, India.
Kandariya Mahadeva Temple
Khajuraho, India. - Kandariya Mahadeva Temple
Khajuraho - Kandariya Mahadeva Temple
Devi-Jagadembi Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Chitragupta Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Chitragupta Temple
Khajuraho, India - Chitragupta Temple
Khajuraho, India - Chitragupta Temple

Khajuraho Temple Sculptures - photos of the sculptures to be seen on various Jain Temples at Khajuraho, India.

Some of the carvings and sculptures depict quite explicit and erotic scenes but just as many are actually more about the way of life at the time.
Khajuraho, India Jain Temples - sculptures
Jain Temples - sculptures
Jain Temples - sculptures
Khajuraho Jain Temples - sculptures
Temple carvings - Kharajuho Temple group India.
Temple carvings
Erotic Temple carving on one of Khajuraho's Jain Temples, India
Carving on one of Khajuraho's Jain Temples
Khajuraho Jain Temple erotic sculpture.
Khajuraho Jain
Temples - sculptures

Another part of The Western Group of Khajuraho Temples which are outside of the Town.

Located out in the countryside - you can walk to these temples - it's around 2 kilometres across the fields. Facing the main temple group area at the junction at the top of the town go left passing the Lake. The path shown on maps and guide books going off to the right alongside Shivsagar Lake is closed. You have to walk on down the road and take the first small road on the right - this winds through houses and then heads back to far side of the lake where it rejoins the path. The first temple (Chausath Yogini) is not too far ahead and obvious to find but the second temple (Lalguan Mahadev) is a bit harder. Possibly a young lad from the village will turn up and offer to take you - this is a good idea since the path is far from obvious - he will be quite happy with 50 or 60 rupees.
Chausath Yogini Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Chausath Yogini Temple
Lalguan Mahadev Temple, Khajuraho
Lalguan Mahadev Temple
Jain temple at Khajuraho, India.
Jain temple
at Khajuraho
Varaha Temple Boar - Khajuraho, India.
Varaha Temple Boar

A Jain Temple lion - Khajuraho, India.
Mythical animal at a Khajuraho Jain Temple.
Another Temple lion beside a Khajuraho Temple.
These Western Group Jain temples are known for their sculptures and decorations. There are also a variety of statues of Lions and other animals - "chatting up beautiful women". They are meant to be guarding the temple entrances.
Below are even more pictures of the beautiful temples and other structures and statues to see whilst visiting the Western Temple Group at Khajuraho:
Beautifully laid out area at Khajuraho, India.
Beautifully laid out
area at Khajuraho
Vishvanatha Temple, Khajuraho, India.
Vishvanatha Temple, Khajuraho
Nandi Bull - Khajuraho, India.
Nandi Bull - Khajuraho
Gardens and Temples at Khajuraho, India.
Gardens and Temples
at Khajuraho
The temples just keep coming at Khajuraho, India.
The temples just keep coming at Khajuraho
Temple carvings - Khajuraho, India.
Temple carvings
Scupltures on the Khajuraho (India) Jain Temples
Scupltures on the Khajuraho Jain Temples
Beautifully carved buildings at Khajuraho, India.
Beauitfully carved
buildings at Khajuraho
A Jain Temple with many erotic sculptures at Khajuraho, India.
Sculptures on the Jain temples at Khajuraho
Inside a Jain Temple at Khajuraho, India.
Inside a Jain Temple
at Khajuraho
Temple carvings at Khajuraho, India.
Jain Temple sculptures everywhere at Khajuraho in India.
Jain Temple sculptures.

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