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Beautiful sculptures on Khajuraho's temples in India.

One of the places to visit in India is the small town of Khajuraho with it's truly beautiful Jain and Hindu Temples many covered in excellent temple sculptures.

Located in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho boasts one of the largest sets of Hindu and Jain Temples to be found anywhere - many of them adorned with some fabulous sculptures- some of which are quite erotic. The small town is therefore hugely popular with tourists especially as part of a more extensive tour of India but until recently has been somewhat difficult to actually get too.

Ways of travelling to and from Khajuraho in India - flights to Khajuraho or by Indian Railways.

Flights to Khajuraho. Air India (Indian Airways) provide flights three days a week which start out from Delhi - via Varanasi - and turn round at Khajuraho Airport. Khajuraho's very small airport is only around 3kms from the town.
Khajuraho India and some of it's explicit temple sculptures
Indian Railways. A rail slip link has just been established so that you can now -eventually- get from for instance Delhi and Agra via Jhansi and Mahoba to Khajuraho. Train 22448 leaves Mahoba (MBA) for Khajuraho (KURJ) on each day except Thursdays at 0508hrs returning back on the same days at 1820hrs as train number 22447. (Note "22447 and 22448" are slip route train numbers just for the Khajuraho link). From Mahoba the train number becomes "12448 and 12447" as it continues out onto the Indian Railways main network since there are connections onto Jhansi, Agra, H Nizamuddin and so on. (please see our India General topic about checking times of trains and also about online ticket booking on the Indian Railways site as things change).
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About Khajuraho India - Khajuraho Hotels and Restaurants and the older part of the town.

Khajuraho is a small Indian town which is somewhat split in character - most Khajuraho hotels and other accommodation is situated in and around the more modern main street - where you will also find several restaurants, fruit stalls and plenty of shops selling all the things that tourists really do want to buy - apparently!.
slightly different roundaout decoration - Khajuraho, India.
slightly different
roundaout decoration
Auto Rickshaw (or Tuk Tuk) - Khajuraho, India.
Auto Rickshaw
(or Tuk Tuk)
Raja Pratap Singh Monument - Khajuraho, India
Raja Pratap Singh
Khajuraho, India - Raja Pratap Singh Monument
Raja Pratap
Singh Monument
Down at the end of Khajuraho's main street (i.e. the opposite end to the main Western temple group area) the road soon reaches the "old village" part of the town. Here there are some very interesting old buildings within the narrow alleys quite a few of which have excellent tiled roofs. There are various artisan shops selling more of what tourists really need of course but you are basically left to your own devices. Should you continue on through the old town you quickly enter open countryside - where you will find scattered farms and because you are in Khajuraho - there are a variety of temples dotted around.
The Ghat on one side of the lake at Khajuraho, India.
A Ghat one side of
the lake at Khajuraho
Street bull - Khajuraho, India.
Street bull
The market at Khajuraho, India.
The market at Khajuraho
The Lake at Khajuraho, India.
Khajuraho Lake
Guarding the road at Khajuraho, India.
Guarding the road
 at Khajuraho
House in the old part of Khajuraho, India.
House in the old
part of Khajuraho
Small temple in the old village of Khajuraho, India.
Small temple in the old village of Khajuraho
Nice roofs at Khajuraho, India. The old village
Nice roofs at
Khajuraho old village
Indian goats - Khajuraho, India.
Indian goats
Village pond at old Khajuraho, India.
Village pond
at the old village
Khajuraho, India. village building
Khajuraho village
Old village house in Khajuraho, India.
Old village house in
Khajuraho, India. Jain Temples sculptures some depict explicit scenes Watch out for touts whilst staying in Khajuraho - if you take an auto rickshaw a tout is likely to jump in the front next to the driver. He will then offer to be your guide and take you to for instance the old village near to which are The Jain Temple Group of Temples. As normal with touts in India you may well get things like "I want to learn English", "I am a student", "I do not want any money" - translated this means "I want to get every penny I can drag out of you".
Once at the Old village your freindly tout will try and get money from you for various reasons. For instance donating towards the village school (he means his pocket) or some other worthy cause (he still means for his pocket), or perhaps try to get you into an "antiques / craft" shop or house (his relative's place).
If beautiful structures and sculptures are of interest take a look at Rani ki Vav step well in Gujarat - excellent sculptures. Another Indian Step Well which might be of interest if travelling by road between Agra and Jaipur is to stop off at Abhaneri Step Well in India. A further example of beautiful Hindu sculpture can be seen at Konark Sun Temple in Odisha India - apart from quite a few fairly explicit carvings that temple boasts 24 beautifully carved wheels as it was designed to look like a chariot. If heading north after visiting Khajuraho a good place to considering visiting is the beautiful little Indian town of Orchha with it's excellent Palace and Fort and collection of Mahals, Cenotaphs and Temples
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