Jodhpur City in India - Travel and Sightseeingr Guide - with Photos.

Jodhpur Sagar with the imposing Meherangarh Fort behind.

About The "Blue City" of Jodhpur in India, things to do and see and ways of travelling to Jodhpur i.e. flights, railways and so on.

Dominated by it's impressive Mehrangarh Fort, the Indian City of Jodhpur is located on the edge of the Thar Desert and is the Indian State of Rajasthan's second largest city.
Founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha the city is known as the Blue City - when you look down at the old part of the city from high up on Meherangarh Fort's ramparts the surrounding buildings are mostly painted blue. Jodhpur is also nick-named the "Sun City" because of the almost year round bright sunny weather it enjoys. A further claim to fame for Jodhpur is because of the horse riding breeches known as Jodhpurs which were designed there.
Travelling to Jodhpur: Flying. Jodhpur's airport is located only around 6kms from the city centre and is well served with flights from Delhi, Bombay and Udaipur. Jodhpur airport is actually one of the Indian Air Forces largest bases and the facilities for commercial flights are contained within the base - commercial airlines offering direct flights are Air India and Jet Airways (JetKonnect).
Indian Railways
at Jodhpur: With the main railway lines passing right through the middle of the city, Jodhpur's main railway station is therefore centrally located in the city - there are express train links to Agra, Abu Road, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, Delhi and Binaker to name just a few Indian Cities.
Accommodation in Jodhpur: There seems to be a huge gap between standards of places to stay in Jodhpur - and a wide difference in room prices accordingly. There are plenty of really cheap places to stay i.e. maybe 50 to 60,000rs but then a wide gulf to the good hotels which can easily be 130,000rs plus per night. There are a few guesthouses offering accommodation in between these rates though which can be stayed in for around 70 to 100,000rs per night.
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small cluttered street at The Old City - Jodhpur Julab Sagar - one of the haveli lined lakes at Jodhpur One of Jodhpur's Havelis beside the sagar Haveli at Jodhpur beside Julab Sagar
Sidestreet - quiet for once - at Jodhpur India. Sardar Market Gate, Jodhpur, India. Market fruit stalls at the huge Sardar Market, Jodhpur, India. Jodhpurs clocktower which overlooks the market area.
Jodhpur - Sardar Market in the centre of the Old City Jodhpur's auto-rickshaws - commonly known as Autos waiting for customers. The Old City of Jodhpur was originally enclosed within a 10 kilometre wall which had eight gates however much of this city wall has now disappeared although the gates remain. Situated at the very centre of the Old City is Sardar Bazaar - a huge series of markets which are overlooked by Jodhpur's Clocktower. Around this part of the Old City you can buy pretty much anything you wish including excellent variety and choices of fresh fruit.

Jaswant Thanda looking beautiful - Jodhpur, India.

Jaswant Thanda Cenotaphs at Jodhpur. (Chhatri - Cenotaph).

These impressive cenotaphs are located close to Jodphur's Fort and are marble memorials to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II who was Maharaja of Jodhpur between 1873 and 1895. The area also includes cenotaphs of subsequent rulers as well as members of the Maharaja's family. The cenotaphs were built by Sardar Singh in 1899, are open daily and have a few rupees entrance fee.
Cenotaphs located in Jodhpur which were constructed for earlier Royalty and Rulers can be seen at Mandor (see below).
Cenotaphs at Jaswant Thanda, Jodhpur, India. Jaswant Thanda, Jodhpur, India. A small Cenotaph at Jaswant Thanda, Jodhpur. Inside Jaswant Thanda at Jodhpur.
Chhatri (Jaswant Thanda) Cenotaphs, Jodhpur. Jodhpur Cenotaphs - Jaswant Thanda Jaswant Thanda Cenotaphs at Jodhpur, India. Nicely shaped pillars at Chhatri Cenotaphs

Mandor Cenotaphs - near Jodhpur City.

These red sandstone built cenotaphs are located about 9kms to the north of Jodhpur City - there are also nice gardens around the cenotaphs which are well populated with monkeys. The gardens feature many water features however these were sadly not in use when we visited but must look amazing when the water is running. There is no entrance fee. Mandor used to be the capital of the Rathore Kings of Marwar until the 15th Century when Rao Jodha created a new capital - which was named after him - at Jodhpur.
Jodhpur - Mandor Cenotaphs within beautiful gardens. Gardens and temples at Jodhpur - Mandor Cenotaphs. Jodhpur - Mandor Cenotaphs situated in flower gardens. The impressive Gate at Mandor Cenotaphs, Jodhpur, India.
Jodhpur - Mandor Cenotaphs Hall of Heroes figurine at Mandor, India India, Jodhpur - Mandor's Hall of Heroes - really colourful. Nice carving at Mandor Cenotraphs, Jodhpur.
More of the lovely gardens at Mandor Cenotaphs in Jodhpur, India. Ek Thamba Mahal, Mandor Cenotaphs, Jodhpur. Mandor Cenotaphs and it's Temples and Gardens (Jodhpur) Cenotaphs which an be seen at Mandor, Jodhpur, India
Mandor Cenotaph at Jodhpur. Beautiful cenotaph at Mandor, near Jodhpur in India A quite large Cenotaph at Mandor, Jodhpur, India. More of Mandor's beautiful Cenotaphs - near Jodhpur in India.
Within the gardens there are a series of statues called the Hall of Heroes - carved into rock these are life sized and very colourful and are of religious deities and Indian folk heroes. There is a small museum as part of the gardens but it's not particularly worth visiting however remember to take a look at the nearby Ek Thamba Mahal Palace which is dated from the early 18th Century - where Royal Ladies watched the world go by without being visible to the general public.

 Maha Mandir Temple (Jodhpur) - now partly used as a school Maha Mandir Temple - Jodhpur, India. Jodhpur, India - Maha Mandir Temple.

Maha Mandir Temple at Jodhpur, India.

This magnificent Jodhpur Temple is located just off the Mandor Road near to Mahamandir Railway Station - the Temple is supported by 84 ornamental pillars. There is no entrance fee - just go in and look around the temple which is situated within a large courtyard - the side buildings are now used as a school.
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