Jhalawar Fort and Palace in India - guide and photos.

About Jhalawar Fort and Garh Palace which is located in the south eastern side of Rajasthan in India.

Jhalawar Fort was built between 1840 and 1845 by Maharaja Madan Singh who was the first ruler of Jhalawar State. The Palace - Fort? - is situated within almost square shaped series of walls and battlements - the walls are around 300 metres each side.
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Jahalwar Palace in India.
Jahalwar Garh building - India.
Jahalwar Garh - India.
Terraces at Jahalwar Garh and Palace in India.
Balconies at Jhalawar Palace, India.
Inner courtyard at Jahalwar Garh - India.
Jahalwar Palace buildings - India.
Nice old building at Jahalwar Garh - India.
City Gate at Jhalawar in Rajasthan, India. The front of Jhalawar Garh Palace - India. Jhalawar Fort is situated in the centre of the town - the front facing the town square has been re-furbished and cleaned up and therefore does look very impressive. Much of this part of the fort is used for government offices - there is a small display of paintings inside which visitors may be permitted to take a look at for a fee. However to see the older parts of the fort go to the left side of the front building and then go round it's side and just a little way along their is an entrance gate. When visited nobody seemed bothered about visitors going into the courtyard.
n down building at Jhalawar Garh, India.
Side part of the courtyard at Jhalawar Palace, India.
Jahalwar Garh - inner courtyard buildings - India.
Jhalawar Garh and Palace building, India.
Outer gate near the market - Jhalawar, India.Surrounding this courtyard the buildings are in a fairly poor state - up to recently they were being used for more government and official offices but all this part has been abandoned. Nevertheless it is interesting to wander around and look at what once must have been very beautiful galleries and rooms - also it did appear that some work was slowly being undertaken to restore this part of the palace and fort.
With the limited amount on offer to see, in truth taking any sort of significant diversion to visit here is probably not worthwhile - it's just ok for an hour if nearbye. In relation to this the fort is more or less on the way from Bundi or Kota if going out to visit the quite unusual Fort at Gagron. Jhalawar is around 150 kilometres south of Bundi (110kms S. of Kota) mostly on India's national highway NH12.

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