Jaisalmer Day Trips - out into the Thar Desert, India.

Visiting Bada Bagh Cenotaphs, Amar Sagar Palace and Lodurva Temple on a day trip from Jaisalmer.

Bada Bagh Cenotaphs - outside of Jaisalmer in the Thar Desert, India.

These are a collection of cenotaphs built on a small hill-lock - they are in memory of Jaisalmer's previous Royal rulers and their families. Bada Bagh Cenotaphs are located around 6kms from Jaisalmer. The entrance fee is around 50 Rupees plus you may have to pay a small amount to use a camera - Bada Bagh Cenotaphs are open daily. Should the cenotaphs fall into dis-repair or even collapse they are repaired once only - after which they are simply allowed to deteriorate i.e. just left to take their chances.
Sat on it's own and situated close to the car-parking area next to the cenotaphs is a single temple - Bhaironji Temple (the first picture below).
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Bhaironji Temple - Thar Desert near Jaisalmer, India. Groupled tightly together - Bada Bagh Cenotaphs, India Bada Bagh, India Bada Bagh, India
In past times the cenotaphs were part of what must have been a beautiful green garden area amongst the desert sands. The area and lake was first started by Maharaja Jai Singh II and subsequently a garden was created by the Maharaja's son. Unfortunately the area around the actual cenotaphs is now in a quite poor and neglected state but certainly looking around the cenotaphs themselves is worthwhile.
A fairly large cenotaph at Bada Bagh, India Bada Bagh, India A Bada Bagh Cenotaph with many columns, India Bada Bagh, India
A whole series of small cenotaphs at Bada Bagh, India Bada Bagh Cenotaphs - lots of small domes, India Grass area where a lake was once situated, Bada Bagh, India Inside view of one of the larger cenotaphs at Bada Bagh, India.

Amar Sagar Palace - Jaisalmer outskirts.

This 18th Century Palace and three Jain Temples are located around 7kms northwest of Jaisalmer - easily visited after you have been to Bada Bagh and on your way to Lodurva. Entrance fee to the Palace should be around 60 Rupees including use of a camera.
Amar Sagar Palace at Jaisalmer, India Inside Amar Sagar Palace, near Jaisalmer in India. White columns inside Amar Sagar Palace - India Amar Sagar Palace - Jaisalmer, India
Onion dome at Amar Sagar Palace, India Amar Sagar - Jaisalmer Amar Sagar near Jaisalmer Beautiful gallery at Amar Sagar Palace - Jaisalmer, India
Amar Sagar, India An outside view of an Amar Sagar Palace building - Jaisalmer, India Wall carvings at Amar Sagar Palace, Jaisalmer, India. Amar Sagar Palace courtyard - Jaisalmer, India.

Day trip from Jaisalmer out in the Thar Desert - Lodurva Temple.

Lodurva is a small walled temple site located a little way out in the desert - around 15kms south east of Jaisalmer. The site contains a few rebuilt Jain Temples with the main temple dedicated to Lord Parshvanath. It's open daily and the entrance fee is around 70 Rupees including using a camera.
Lodurva Temple, Jaisalmer, India Toran Arch - Lodurva Temple, near Jaisalmer, India. Lodurva Temple carving, India Kalpataru Tree at Lodurva Temple, India
Beautifully carved temple walls - Lodurva Temple, India Carved column at Lodurva Temple, near Jaisalmer, India. Beautifully carved dome at Lodurva Temple, Jaisalmer. Lodurva Temple carved outer wall - India.
One of the main features is a beautifully carved 8 metre high Toran (arch). Equally well known is the Kalpataru Tree which is sat on a series of square platforms. The tree is made from an alloy of eight metals with copper leaves - it's rather difficult to see the leaves as it's all been surrounded with wire presumably to keep the birds away.
Thar Desert - village views Camel safari on it's way through the Thar Desert to Jaisalmer

The Thar Desert which surrounds Jaisalmer.

These are just a few photos from a trip out into the desert - actually the area you can reach legally is just scrub land with little to see. One of the main trips out is to go and look at the low sand dunes someway towards the border. Probably the real benefit from going out into the area is to say you have "been there and seen it".
One of the big things that are constantly on offer in Jaisalmer are the Desert Safaris, Camel trips and so on - these can be day or afternoon trips into the Thar Desert or longer affairs perhaps lasting several days.
Thar Desert village views Thar Desert near Jaisalmer, India - village views India's Thar Desert - village views Jaisalmer - Thar Desert - village views
Having been on camels several times (and experienced their attendant huge flies) this did not have any attraction for us but we did hire a jeep and driver and went off into the desert for a few hours to take a look at the sand dunes and so on. Our driver actually still lives a little way out in the desert and he took us to visit his parents out in his village - where we were given a cup of tea and something to eat which was nice of him.
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