Khajuraho Southern, Jain and Eastern Group of Temples.

Their are beautiful old Temples everywhere around Khajuraho some of which can be freely visited.

Entrance to the Eastern Group of Temples is free as they are situated out in the open countryside so you can wander around whenever you like. As can be seen below there is also an abundance of wild life as well as pigs and so on having a nice time out in the area - well worth the trip out.
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Brahma Temple, Khajuraho, India.
Brahma Temple, Khajuraho
 Khajuraho India - Vamana Temple
Vamana Temple
Javari Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Javari Temple
Vamana Temple Khajuraho, India.
Vamana Temple
Carvings on the outside of Vamana Temple, Khajuraho, India.
A sculpture on Vamana Temple, Khajuraho, India.
Vishnu statue caving at Vamana Temple at Khajuraho, India.
Vamana Temple - Vishnu.
white wagtail at Khajuraho, India.
white wagtail at Khajuraho
 Khajuraho, India. swimming pool?
Khajuraho swimming pool?
Indian Roller (bird) at Khajuraho, India.
Indian Roller
Several Boar - Khajuraho, India.
Boar - Khajuraho
 Khajuraho, India. pigs relaxing after a hard day in the mud.
Khajuraho pigs

The Khajuraho Jain Temple Group of Temples, India.

At the time of our visit there was no admission charge to go into the Jain Temple group however there is an entrance gate - this is open daily from sunrise to sunset. You can go there by auto but beware of touts and just have the auto-rickshaw driver take you there on his own i.e. don't allow a "Guide" to jump into the auto. An even better option is to simply put on a decent pair of shoes or boots, take a bottle of water and a hat and go for a walk out there - it's not that far and quite interesting.
Entrance to the Khajuraho Temple complex
Entrance Gate
India - Khajuraho Temple Group sculpture.
Khajuraho statue
Adinath Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple carvings - Khajuraho, India.
Adinath Temple carvings
Shantinath Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Shantinath Temple
 Khajuraho, India - Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple
 Khajuraho. Temple Group
Temple Group
 Khajuraho Temple Group - Khajuraho, India.
Temple Group
Jain Temple Group carvings at Khajuraho
Jain Temple Group
Parsvanath Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Parsvanath Temple
 Khajuraho Jain Temple Group
Temple Group
 Khajuraho (India) Temple Group
Temple Group

The Southern Group of Temples a little outside of Khajuraho at Jatakari Village, India.

This small group of Khajuraho temples are right out in the countryside so you will certainly need to use an auto rickshaw to visit these.
Duladeo Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Duladeo Temple
Duladeo Temple
Duladeo Temple
Temple at Khajuraho, India.
Temple at Khajuraho
Chaturbhuja Temple - Khajuraho, India.
Chaturbhuja Temple
Chaturbhuja Temple - Lord Vishnu - Khajuraho, India.There are no admission charges to look around these temples and they are open to visit all day so you can go anytime really - though expect a local "guide" to turn up at the temples who will of course want 20 or 30 rupees.
Situated beside the Khurar River, Duladeo Temple is dedicated to Shiva and is pretty impressive to look round - it has several bands of carvings around much of the outside. It was (probably) originally constructed during the early part of the 12th century but has been considerably repaired and restored since then.
Dedicated to Vishnu, Chaturbhuja Temple is somewhat smaller than it's neighbour and dates from around 1100 A.D. - once again their are three bands of carvings around much of it's exterior. Inside the temple sanctum there is a quite tall statue of Lord Vishnu shown typically with four arms.
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