Almost India Wildlife - Happy Indian Pigs, Silly Cattle and Snooty Goat Photos.

Although probably not part of a normal tour of India "wildlife" itinerary it's hard to ignore the many pigs and cattle which live happily amongst the muck so often found in many of India's towns and cities.

Goa Pigs and other wandering animals in Goa, India.

The first set of pictures were taken whilst on a touring holiday in Goa. When you go for a stroll along one of the beautiful beaches in Goa you will certainly come across cattle wandering about. They are pretty happy to go for a swim or have a roll about in the water - just simply doing what many tourists like to do in Goa - laze around and enjoy the lovely weather and sea.
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Goa pig Goa surfing Goan pig - India Hollant beach pigs - India
Hollant calf - India Pigs grazing near Hollant Beach in Goa, India. Hollant village Pig - Goa, India. Cattle enjoying a paddle n the sea at Varca Beach, Goa
It's not unusual to see cattle wandering freely not only around the beaches and countryside in Goa but also right into the large towns and cities. Whilst we were walking alongside the Mandovi River in the middle of Panaji it was amusing (though probably not for the drivers..) to watch the chaos because half a dozen cows had decided to lie down in the middle of the busy road - and quite oblivious to the rickshaws, buses, cars, lorries and taxis whizzing around. More than once whilst being driven around sightseeing in Goa it was not unusual to come across cattle and cows wandering along main roads and even dual-carriageways - with not a care in the world.

Jaisalmer Pigs and other animals meandering about in the City.

The desert City of Jaisalmer boasted some of the happiest looking pigs we came across whilst touring in India. The local people do not seem to take any notice of their pigs for some reason - perhaps because of the total mess that the pigs wallow in which is also accompanied by something of a pong. On the other hand if the city did not allow these pools of muck and sometimes open sewerage gulleys to exist then the pigs would not be in them in the first place. Anyway it certainly seemed to suit the pigs as can be seen in some of the photos below.
A Jaisalalmer pig or two. Jaisalamer cycle hire - Indian cow style. Several Jaisalamer happy pigs on the muck. Jaisalamer oneway? this Indian cow thinks so!
There are quite a few cows and bulls wandering about in Jaisalmer - not so much within the Fort since they are easily kept out because of the entrance gates - but there were lots around the surrounding narrow streets by the markets etc. Some of Jaisalmer's streets are little wider than alleys and should you come across a large cow or bull whilst walking around it's appropriate to give way to it - or probably risk being crushed. Indian cattle seem to have a similar attitude to rights of way as Indian lorry drivers - they may not go very fast but they never stop.
Jaisalamer roadblock - Indian bull style. Jaisalamer sewer pig looking pleased with itself. Jaisalamer siesta time - India. Jaisalmer pig just looking for this and that.
If staying in Jaisalmer remember to have a few bananas with you when wandering around - the cows really appreciate a nice banana or even just the skin - the pigs like bananas too.
Khajuraho bathtime for a bull - India Khajuraho bull in the High Street, India. Khajuraho India cow and car wash Khajuraho goats - India.
The pictures above and below were taken in and around the Khajuraho Jain Temples area which is located in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.(Khajuraho should always be visited if possible if you are on an Indian tour as it has some of the largest series of Jain and Hindu Temples around and they are beautiful). Perhaps not quite as gorgeous (although we liked looking at them) are the variety of cows, pigs and other animals which wander freely round this small rural Indian town.
Khajuraho patio salesman - or a very large bull. Khajuraho pig family - India. Khajuraho pigs enjoying life - India. Khajuraho siesta time for several sleepy Indian pigs.
Cattle wander freely along Varanasi's ghats Cattle grazing alongside the Ganga at VaranasiThe two photos on the left were taken along the Ganga River alongside several of The Ghats at Varanasi - the cows roam freely although what they actually graze on is anyone's guess. Probably they wander up into the market area now and again and raid one or two of the market stalls for some fruit and veg.
The authorities are constantly hozing down the more important ghat areas to remove the mess.

Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Hospet pigs and other not very wild animals in India.

Below are just a few other photos taken whilst we wandered around India. The state of some of the pigs we came across did vary - i.e. how mucky they were - but it did seem that the cleaner and more spacier Indian Cities like Jaipur City had a much tidier - perhaps classier - type of pig compared with those found for instance when visiting The Blue City of Jodhpur - the latter being a scruffier seeming Indian city with untidy Indian pigs to match. Apart from being traffic hazards the cattle can be a real (and expensive) business for some Indian traders. Whilst wandering around Jodhpur we saw a couple of cows charge right into the middle of Jodhpur's huge market area and proceeded to raid a vegetable stall - and pretty well wrecked it before they were chased off, knocking over several more stalls in the process.
Ahmedabad Goats - India. Ahmedabad cattle not willing to stop - India. Several quite relaxed Aurangabad cattle - India. Chittorgarh Fort calf looking peacefull - India
Chittorgarh Fort pigs going somewhere or other. Fatehpur Sikri Indian goat enjoying the shade. Hampi Oxen pulling a car through the fields - India. Hospet cattle just wandering along the road in India
Hospet India -  Oxen pulling a load of cane Hospet Cattle Jaipur City Pigs Several Jaipur pigs looking for treats in the muck.
Jaipur India Pig family Galta Kund Temple monkey (Jaipur) A cow wandering up the path from the Monkey Temple, India. Galta Kund chubby pig sound asleep - India.
A pair of nice looking pigs at Galta Kund Temple, India. Jodhpur street - no it's not a farm entrance. Orccha picnic or takeaway for an Indian cow? A pair of Udaipur donkeys
A bull keeping cool in Udaipur India Udaipur goat enjoying some shade. Udaipur Palm Squirrels A Bhubaneswar India cow and his bicycle
This last sequence of Indian cows, pigs and other near wildlife which can be spotted around India's streets were taken from locations as far apart as Bhubaneswar, Mamallapuram, Gwalior, Bundi, Puri and Pushkar. Bundi and Pushkar pigs manage to be quite mucky compared with some - quite similar to Jodhpur pigs so perhaps related.
A quite large Bhubaneswar cow A quite important looking Indian goat at Mamallapuram This bull was enjoying a cooling dip at Bundi, India. Nicely coloured pig at Bundi, India.
Indian pigs and piglets enjoying themselves at Bundi, India. Bundi pigs sorting out the rubbish. Pigs of the scruffy variety at Bundi, India. A very sleepy cow at Bundi, India.
An incredible mess and an Indian pig loving it at Bundi. Pigs and muck at a temple site near Gwalior, India. Mother and son? pigs at Gwalior in India. A Gwalior familiy of pigs - India.
Young cattle dozing at Gwalior Fort - India. A huge bull in the street at Puri, India. A really nice little Indian calf resting at Puri, India. Cow and calf in the steet at Puri, India.
Pushkar cow waiting to be served - India. Large indian bull in a narrow Pushkar road. Cows and monkeys at Pushkar, India.
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