Dada Hari Ni Vav (Step Well) in Ahmedabad, India.

A trip to see Dada Hari ni Vav - a disused and somewhat neglected Indian step well in Ahmedabad, India.

There are a variety of beautiful Indian Step Wells located in the State of Gujarat, India and just have to be visited if remotely close to Ahmedabad. Often as not they are adorned with heavily carved galleries, some have Jain and Hindu sculptures, beautiful galleries and they are very much like underground old Jain temples.

Dada Hari ni Vav stepwell is easily visited if staying in Ahmedabad - this octagonal shaped step well is located on the eastern side of the Old City in Asarva district a little to the south west of Asarva Lake. Assuming you go there by auto-rickshaw it might well be a good idea to get the driver to wait whilst you look around instead of just dropping you off - the area is pretty quiet and there are no other auto-rickshaws around that were obvious.
Looking down to the bottom of the well at Dada Hari Ni Vav, India.A variety of scultures can be seen on the way down Dada Hari stepwell, India.Dada Hari Ni Vav and one of the step well terraces - IndiaQuite a few of the sculptures at the top of the stepwell are looking a bit the worse for wear through exposure. However the step well's sculptures are in much better condition the further you descend - the carvings are in both Sanskrit and Arabic script. You can go right to the bottom of Dada Hari Ni Vav step well and then look up between the galleries to the surface which is some way above - also be aware there are quite a few bats which live in this stepwell.

Dada Hari ni Vav stepwell itself is pretty much unattended and quiet apart from perhaps a few local children wandering around and there are no entry fees. The stepwell does not give the impression that many people go to visit it which is a shame because although it is let's say slightly worn there are still some really good galleries to look at as you descend the flight of wide steps.
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Dada Hari ni Vav step well carving - somewhat weathered
Dada Hari ni Vav carved gallery, Ahmedabad (India)
Dada Hari ni Vav layers of galleries in the step well
Looking down Dada Hari ni Vav at Ahmedabad
Dada Hari ni Vav in India - looking up from the base of the well
Dada Hari ni Vav beautiful step well gallery, Ahmedabad (India)
Looking up from the bottom of Dada Hari Step well - India.
One of the several columned galleries at Dada Hari ni Vav in India.

The Mosque and Tomb of Bai Harir - Ahmedabad, India.Bai Harir Mosque at Ahmedabad in India.Bai Harir Tomb - Ahmedabad, India.

Bai Harir Mosque and Tomb - Ahmedabad, India.

Dada Hari ni Vav stepwell was constructed in the 1500s by Bai Harir Sultani. He was superintendent of the harem of Sultan Beghara during the reign of Mahmud Shah. Bai Harir's Mosque and quite large Tomb are located just behind Dada Hari stepwell.
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