Chennai Attractions - looking at various places around the City.

Sightseeing in the Mylapore area of Chennai visiting Basilica San Thome, Luz Church and Kapaleshwar Temple and Tank.

St. Thomas Basilica is a Roman Catholic church/cathedral located at 38, San Thome High Road, Mylapore, Chennai and is an especially important church in that it is built over the tomb of the Apostle St.Thomas (A.D.72). The neo-Gothic designed building with it's high steeple was constructed in the late 19th century and really is a magnificent white structure. The inside of San Thome is equally impressive - especially it's series of beautiful stained glass windows. Within the Basilica there is a museum which houses the lance-head which killed St. Thomas, a peice of his bone plus other artefacts.
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Chennai's beautiful Basilica San Thome - India.
Basilica San Thome
Basilica San Thome inside view, Chennai, India.
Basilica San Thome
Beautiful arches at the Basilica San Thome in Chennai, India.
Basilica San Thome
The Basilica San Thome - Chennai, India.
Basilica San Thome
Luz Church Altar in Chennai, India. The modern shape of Luz Church - Chennai, India. Built by a Portuguese Franciscan Monk around 1516 the Roman Catholic Luz Church is the common name given to the Church of Our Lady of Light. The church is located at 156, Luz Church Road, Luz, Mylapore, Chennai - so quite close to the above-mentioned St Thomas Basilica. Luz Church is one of the oldest European Monuments in India.
Mylapore area of Chennai, India.
Mylapore - Chennai
View over Kapaleeshwar Temple Tank, Chennai, India.
Kapaleeshwar Tank
Kapaleeshwar Temple heavily carved gopara at Chennai, India.
The Kapaleeshwar Temple in Chennai, India.
Kapaleeshwar Temple
Kapaleeshwar Temple is the largest temple in Chennai and situated in a very busy set of narrow streets. Shoes have to be left outside at a booth (with attendant) The original temple was probably situated on the shore-line but was partially destroyed by the elements and finished off by the Portuguese. Today's temple - which is dedicated to Shiva - was built during the 16th century and contains a variety of shrines - as with the outside streets the temple is really crowded. There is no charge to go in but a donation at the box is appreciated - everybody seems to be welcome to look round. The 40 metre high Gopura has a beautifully carved stucco figure which was added in 1906. If you go through the back of the temple there is a huge tank called the Kapaleeshwar Tank.

Visiting Parthasarathy Temple in Chennai - plus it's excellent Temple Tank.

The temple is located in the Triplicane area of Chennai (one of the first villages to be acquired by the East India Company in the 1670s) and named after the sacred lilly tank Tiru-alli-keni. Parthasarathy Temple with it's beautifully carved gopara was built in the 9th century and is dedicated to Krishna. This is a very busy temple which is closed at lunch times. The huge tank is of major significance since apparently Vishnu's wife Lakshmi (or Mahalakshmi) - the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune, and the embodiment of beauty - was born. The tank is said to contain five sacred wells and it's water considered to be holier than that of The Ganges. Float festivals are held in the tank - these last for seven days on the New Moon day in the months of February or March..
Parthasarathy Temple Gopara and carvings, India.
Parthasarathy Temple
Some of the sculptures adorning Parthasarathy Temple in Chennai, India.
Parthasarathy Tank, Chennai in India.
The huge Parthasarathy Temple Tank at Chennai, India.
Parthasarathy Tank
Wallajah Mosque in Chennai, India. Parthasarathy Tank at Chennai, India. Parthasarathy Temple Tank, India. The first two photos on the right are more of Parthasarathy Tank and the picture on the far right is known as the "Big Mosque" and built by Muhammad Ali Walajah, the granite built Wallajah Mosque has two minarets. Note on our visit it was obvious that only Muslims are welcome.

Visiting the very beautiful Thousand Lights Mosque at Chennai.

Built in 1810 by Umdat-ul-Umrah who was the Nawab of the Carnatic region of India between 1795 and 1801, this is one of the largest mosques in India. It can be found adjacent to where Peters Road meets the main Anna Salai highway. Everyone we met at the mosque made us feel welcome and they were happy to show us around - including letting us look at their old cemetery. There is no charge to enter the mosque but as usual one should put something reasonable into their donation box - note access will be restricted during prayer times.
The beautiful Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai, India.
Thousand Lights Mosque beautiful inside ceiling, Chennai, India.
The older part of the Thousand Lights Mosque and Minaret - Chennai, India.
View of the inside of Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai, India.

Thousand Lights Mosque - Chennai, India. Thousand Lights Mosque - Chennai, India. The photos on the right are more of the Thousand Lights Mosque and then the four photos below are of St. Georges Cathedral. Located along Cathedral Road in Gopalapuram, Chennai, St. Georges Cathedral was designed by Colonel Caldwell of the British East India Company - the Cathedral opened in 1815. The building boasts a 138 foot spire and has 8 bells. Inside there are beautiful stained glass windows, marble statues and along the walls many memorials to the memories of soldiers, engineers and religious officers from the era.
St Georges Cathedral Spire in Chennai, India.
St Georges Cathedral
Inside St Georges Cathedral at Chennai, India.
St Georges Cathedral
St. Georges Cathedral - Chennai,, India.
St Georges Cathedral
Pure white St. Georges Cathedral - Chennai, India.
St Georges Cathedral

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