Bundi Step Wells in India - Raniji Ki Baori and a few other Kunds.

Known as the City of Stepwells, Bundi is said to have around fifty kunds, tanks and stepwells within it's environs - perhaps this is true but exactly where so many of them are situated is problematical. The well-known kunds are easy enough to find since they are sign-posted but from walking around quite a bit of Bundi we only came across a couple of the rest of the "50" - maybe the kunds up at Taragarh Fort are included in that number. In much earlier times the Baoris were used as centres of religious ceremonies and social functions and were therefore sometimes constructed with beautiful carved terraces, well designed flights of steps and often had excellent carvings of elephants and other such sculptures.

Naga Saga Kund (step wells) in Bundi, India.

There are two step wells next to each other quite close to Chogan Gate in the centre of Bundi which were originally called Janana Sagar and Ganga Sagar - but are now jointly named as Nagar Saga Kund. The stepwells were constructed by Maharani Chandrabhanu Kumari between 1871 and 1875 during the reign of Maharao Raja Ram Singh. Both step wells have been "very" refurbished to the extent that there is quite a new concrete slab effect and both kunds need to get nicely weathered in again.
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The first two pictures below are of Ganga Sagar Kund and the two below on the right are of Janana Sagar Kund.
Just one small sculpture remains on Nagar Kund in Bundi, India.Nagar Kund, Bundi, India.Refurbished Sagar Kund - Indian stepwells in Bundi.Sagar Step well and it's steps - Bundi, India.
There are not many sculptures around the inner walls on either of them - Janana Sagar Kund has the most character whilst Ganga Sagar stepwell is pretty much featureless. There is no admission charge for either step wells which are enclosed by low fences. To go right next too and around Janana Sagar Kund you have to be let in through it's gate by a person sat there who is apparently in charge - for which he will apreciate 50 rupees or so. For a closer look at Ganga Stepwell which is just over the road simply pop over the fence!.

Raniji Ki Baori (or Queen's Step well) in Bundi.

This well known Bundi stepwell is thought to have been constructed in 1699 A.D. by Rani Nathawat Ji who was one of the wives of the ruler of Bundi, Rao Raja Anirudh Singh. This is Bundi's most well known stepwell with plenty of features such as an arched gateway, nice terraces, pillars, sculptures as well as naturally enough, steps to look at.
Raniji Ki Baori step well terrace - Bundi, India.Raniji Ki Baori - elephant sculpture, Bundi, India.Nicely carved pillars at Raniji Ki Baori - step wells in Bundi, India.Looking into Raniji Ki Baori - Bundi in India.
Therefore the step well does have an entrance gate, is open daily and of course enjoys an entrance fee which is 70 rupees for non-Indians. You can go a little way down into the baori which gradually drops on steps via several galleries to reach a final depth of around 46 metres.

A few more stepwells, baoris or kunds in and around Bundi, India.

The following four baoris or wells were spotted whilst wandering around Bundi and unfortunately the name of the first one is not known. It's just a few hundred metres along the road from Raniji Ki Baori and opposite Azad Park.
A smallish baori in Bundi, India, showing it's single pavillion on top,Digamberjain Nishyaji Step well, a lesser known stepwell in Bundi, India.Local rubbish filled well in Bundi, India.A nice stepwell at Digamberjain Nishyaji near to Jaist Saga at Bundi, India.
The second picture is of a stepwell at Digamber Jain Nishyaji which is a small temple complex just a little way outside of Bundi on the road opposite Jait Saga (lake).  The third picture along certainly is some sort of well - it is quite small and very scruffy but it does have steps going down etc. It appears to have been filled with rubbish unfortunately and situated opposite a small mosque in Bundi. If a lot of Bundi's apparent multitude of baoris and stepwells have been treated in this fashion it is little wonder they are so difficult to locate.
The last picture along is of a fairly large stepwell in the town which is located about half a kilometre along the road that goes by Nawal Sagar Park i.e. leaving from the western edge of Nawal Sagar lake.
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