Bundi Touring, Travel and Sightseeing Guide.

About Bundi, India - where it is located and things to do and see there.

Bundi is a quite small and very old Indian town located in the south-southeastern side of the Indian State of Rajasthan.
"Touring India" type locations sort of close to Bundi are Jodhpur which is around 350kms to the north-west, Jaipur is not too bad at approximately 200kms to it's north (and is the nearest airport to Bundi) and finally Kota is 40kms to the south. Other popular tourist destinations are Udaipur which is 265kms or so west of Bundi and Pushkar is around 200kms to the northwest.
Reflections of Sagar Lake, Garh Palace and Targarh Fort, Bundi, India.

Travelling too and from Bundi, India.

Bundi does have a railway station which is on the Kota-Chittorgarh branch line. Bundi station is located around 5kms south of the town just off NH12 - the station code for Bundi is BUDI. There are only a few trains available - one runs on Saturdays only and goes to Kota just after midnight and there are three evening trains to Kota which run every day. The other direction offers just a couple of trains which go to Chittaurgarh. Therefore if travel by Indian Railways is desired then probably the best bet is to use Kota which is a major railway hub. Kota has trains linking to many cities in India including Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Indore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. On arrival at Kota the easiest choice would then be to just take a taxi onto Bundi.
There are a variety of buses doing the trip from Bundi to for instance Jaipur - these leave every few hours throughout the day and the journey time is around 5.5 hours. Bundi Bus Station is situated on the southern edge of the city around a kilometre from Azad Park.
By far the easiest most pleasant but certainly not the cheapest way (compared to fares on buses and trains) to travel to many locations around Rajasthan is by hiring a car and driver. Actually this is not that expensive if their are several of you travelling - generally you can negotiate such drop off journeys for around 10 to 12 Rupees (cash) per kilometre so going the 200km from Bundi to Jaipur is quite practical price wise (you obviously have to pay for both ways even on a drop off).
Overlooked by the very picturesque buildings of the Garh Palace in Bundi and above that the powerfull battlements and walls of Taragarh Fort, the town is quite compact and a very nice and interesting place to stay for a few days in India. A fair amount of comment is made about the stepwells and baoris in Bundi of which there are meant to be around 50. Bundi buildings have high steps because of occasional flooding. (India) The most well known is Raniji Ki Baori which is located more or less in the centre of town and a pair of re-furbished stepwells collectively called Naga Saga Kund are near Chogan Gate. For pictures of these plus a few others please see our Bundi stepwells topic.
Bundi town is a maze of narrow streets and alleys which are really interesting to wander about in. Especially around Chogan Gate and up quite a few of the roads it is not really possible and sometimes not allowed to take anything four-wheeled. Notice that we have mentioned no four-wheeled and not four legged - fairly typical of Rajasthan towns, Bundi certainly has it's fair share of cattle and pigs roaming about or at times just simply lying down and blocking the roads and alleys completely. A feature of the shops, houses and havelis in the older part of Bundi are that they have quite high steps into them. This is to stop them being flooded during the monsoon but also at least at one time the water in the reservoirs and baoris up at Taragarh Fort used to be released and the water gushing down the hillside flooded the town's alleys and streets.
There is quite a busy and colourfull but not particularly large market in Bundi selling all the normal stuff expected to be seen in such Rajasthan towns such as fruit, spices, clothes and plastic junk - this is located close to Chogan Gate.
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Bundi Town Roofs and Garh Palace, India. Bundi Town seen from Garh Palace, India. Sadar Bazar street and Pol at Bundi, India. Chogan Gate, Bundi, India.

Places to eat in Bundi and about where to stay i.e. hotels, guesthouses and havelis.

With most of the accommodation in Bundi being provided by havelis and guesthouses many of which are located along these narrow alleys the chances are if you arrive in Bundi by car then a bit of a walk might be necessary. If given a quick phone call as you arrive then often as not the owners will send an auto to pick up your luggage and if you are lucky yourselves too. Certainly chosing to stay right in the centre of Bundi is a good idea compared to being outside of town. The majority of these havelis etc. have roof-top restaurants and will welcome you even if you are not staying with them. Food choice in Bundi is pretty good with all sorts of things on the menus and quite inexpensive too - and getting some beer to have with it is fine.

About the ancient Nawal Sagar Lake, Bundi.

The lake was cleared out and deepened by Rao Raja Bhoj in the 15th century and he had a palace - the Moti Mahal - constructed on it's bank. Subsequently during the 16th and 17th centuries the palace was enlarged firstly by Rao Raja Chatrasal and then by Rao Raja Umed Singh.
Laxminath Temple in the old part of  Bundi, India. Moti Mahal Palace at  Bundi, India. Nawal Sagar Lake seen from Taragarh Fort in  Bundi, India. Nawal Sagar Lake with the hills behind at Bundi, India.

Later in the 17th century Ajit Singh created a garden on the lake's bank and also had a large Shiv Temple and cenotaph erected on the bed of the lake. The view across Nawal Sagar is really brilliant - the lake side buildings reflecting in the water behind which there is the Garh Palace buildings climbing up the hill-side and all of it topped by Taragarh Fort.

Jait Sagar Lake at Bundi, India.

This large natural lake is situated to the north and around 3kms from the centre of Bundi. A good idea is to take an auto to the far end of the lake and then just meander back along the road. There is a Jain Temple and it's baori to look at plus the lake itself has small gardens and several pavillions for a bit of a sit and do nothing option.
Jait Sagar pavillions by Jait Sagar, Bundi, India. Digamber Jain Nishyaji, next to the lake at Bundi, India. Jait Sagar Temple at Bundi, India. Sukh Mahal, Bundi, India.
At the Bundi end of the lake lies the Sukh Mahal which was constructed in the 17th century during the reign of Rao Raja Umed Singh. As you walk back along the road into Bundi there are several shrines, temples and small mosques to look at - a very pleasant walk especially in the late afternoon.
Sukh Mahal Bundi, India. Bundi Gate near the Sukh Mahal, India. Dargah Shrine on the outskirts of Bundi, India. Small Bundi Mosque in India.
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