Bhubaneswar - The City of Temples.

About the Indian City of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India - getting there, hotels and so on.

Bhubaneswar City - often called "The City of Temples" - is situated in the eastern part of the Indian State of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) and is the Capital of that State.
The airport is known as Biju Patnaik Airport and is located just 3 kilometres to the south of Bhubaneswar City centre. There are frequent buses operating too and from the City centre and taxis are operated on a pre-paid basis. The airport is well served with internal flights too and from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Bangalore - operating airlines are currently Air India, Indigo and JetKonnect. Colourful street procession in the centre of Bhubaneswar, India.The Indian Railway Station is located fairly centrally within Bhubaneswar at Master Canteen Chowk, Kharvel Nagar and the station id is BBS. Quite a few express trains go through the station to for example places such as Mumbai (30hrs), New Delhi (23 Hours), Banglaore (28hrs), Howrah Jn (7hrs)., Chennai (20hrs) and Hyderabad (20hrs). As regards hotel accommodation in the city, there are around 60 places to chose from with typical Indian variations in prices and standards - around UK50 pounds a night will get a quite reasonable place to stay in - the best way to find somewhere is of course a web hotel search.
Since the city is the State Capital there are many government offices within the city - and this attracts seemingly at times thousands of people arriving in the centre from outlying villages and towns on a daily basis to protest about one thing or another. The processions and protests that we saw were all very peaceful and also extremely colourful with people being bus'd in first thing in the morning. What these protests do however is sometimes totally tie up the roads in the area and very little traffic moves sometimes for several hours - this should be born in mind if your hotel is within this central area and there is a morning flight to catch.
Bhubaneswar itself is bordered by two rivers with the Daya River to the south and the Kuakhai River to it's east side. The city - including the metropolitan area - has a population of just under 2 million people and it's houses and so on sprawl over quite a large area - there are few buildings of any great height even in the newer part of the city.
Typical Bhubaneswar Old Town street - India.An old Bhubaneswar house - once presumably beautiful.

Getting around for some sightseeing of Temples and other sites in Bhubaneswar.

The easiest way by far to get around touring the sites is to do a deal with an auto-rickshaw driver by having an idea of what you want to see and agreeing a price. The drivers do often have a short short-list of the most important places if you have not done any research. There actually are a lot of temples in the city and although many of these temples are fairly concentrated in one area of the old town, in hot weather even walking a little way in the streets can be rather unpleasant after a while. Perhaps taking a fairly quick whirl round is a good idea - noting any temples of particular interest - then go back to spend more time at the ones that look the most interesting afterwards. Many of the temples have tanks and some even sometimes a small step well within their grounds - also particularly around the old part of Bhubaneswar the buildings are really beautifully constructed with lots of carvings, balconies and carvings decorating the outsides. Generally speaking of course these buildings have been neglected which is a shame.
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